Foundational Truth Series: The teaching is based on the 14 Vol foundational truth written by Dr. Johann Melchizedek Peter, senior pastor of Cathedral of Glory.

1   Meditation on God's Word
2   The Three Baptisms
3   The Laws of Healing
4   The Laws of Health
5   The Laws of Prosperity
6   Demonology
7   The Laws of Prayer
8   The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
9  Knowing the Ministries of God
10  How to be Led by the Holy Spirit
11  Growing in Agape Love
12  Developing Your Devotional Life
13  The Doctrine of God
14  The Second Coming of Christ


Short courses by topic: Each topic can be taught in 1-2 lessons (1.5-2 hours for each lesson). We can also tailor-made the course depending on the needs of churches and ministries. We welcome the opportunities to share at your church or home fellowships.

1   Spiritual growth
2   Worship
3   Spiritual gifts
4   Prayer
5   First love towards God
6   Fasting
7   Hearing and discerning God's voice
8   Holiness
9   Forgiveness
10  Humility
11  Overcoming anger
12  Overcoming sorrows
13  The purpose of sufferings
14  Wisdom of God
15  Knowing your ministry
16  Freewill and predestination
17  Perfect and permissive will of God
18  Fairness of God
19  Anointing of the Holy Spirit
20  Interpreting the bible
21  Discovering God's will for your life
22  Prophetic Prayers
23  Inner healing
24  Dreams and interpretations
25  Knowing our spirit, soul and body


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